A Supermodel Smashes a Ferrari 458 with a Sledgehammer


Yes, it’s just as difficult to watch as you’d imagine. But, Gentlemen, here’s why you do not cheat on your supermodel girlfriend with another supermodel. Scratch that.


This isn’t some artsy video shot just for the sake of having a beautiful woman destroy a beautiful car. The premise of this video is pretty simple to explain. Forgiato Wheels has made this advertisement where a woman comes home and finds her husband in bed with another woman, and rather than waking them from their peaceful slumber, she heads back out to the Ferrari standing in the driveway. She then starts smashing it to bits with metal bending and glass flying until she gets to the wheels.


She hauls back and gives the Forgiato wheels a good whack and the hammer bounces off of them like it’s nothing more than a rubber mallet. The car is going to need some help when she’s finished, but the wheels are going to look just fine.