9 Tips For Increasing Car’s Fuel Efficiency


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Car! A self-powered machine, having a structure with wheels and which is used for transportation with a multiple occupant seating capacity, is termed as a Car. Basically, we have a car for our transportation purpose mainly, i.e. travelling from one place to another. Sometimes we use it as our getaway companion or sometimes we use it for our family purpose.

We have various car manufacturers in our country and all over the world. We have cars of all types and sizes, from a hatchback to an MPV and a SUV, from a basic car to a sportscar.

We live in a world where we are now getting to see more cars than the two wheelers. According to March 2013’s report, over 21.5 million cars were registered in India. The country of USA ranks first in the world to have the largest number of cars in a country. According to the 2007’s estimation, there were 254.4 million cars registered in the USA.

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In today’s world, a consumer buys a car according to his need and over the term – kitna deti hai (fuel efficiency)! But, sometimes we don’t manage to get the fuel efficiency what the automaker has claimed of to us.

To gain as much as fuel efficiency from your car’s fuel tank, here are 9 good tips for you from us.

  • While driving in city or on the highway, avoid or minimize the number of gear shifts/changes.
  • If you are at a traffic signal or if you are waiting for someone to arrive then turn-off the car’s ignition if the waiting period is of more than 30 seconds. Now days, every traffic signal has a timer too, so to see if it is more or less than 30 seconds won’t be of any difficulty.
  • While moving off, throttle/accelerate gradually instead of accelerating the car suddenly. 
  • Maintain proper tyre pressure in all the tyres of your car according to the manufacturer’s tyre pressure specification to avoid gaining bad mileage. Check tyre pressure once in every week.
  • Don’t make much use of clutch. Driving with excessive use of clutch will lead in its wear and will decrease the fuel efficiency of your car.
  • Try to drive as smoothly as you can. Rev matching will help you gain better mileage. Hard acceleration and hard braking will lead into decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Check engine oil levels at regular intervals to ensure the smooth running of your car’s engine.
  • Try to shift gears in the rev range and as quickly as you can. Do not keep the clutch pressed for too long.
  • Fuel up the car to its tank’s brim, instead filling a few liters as that will help you to gain more mileage.

All these tips are applicable to both petrol and diesel engine cars. Take the tips into consideration as they are very effective and you will be able to gain better fuel efficiency from your car.

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