43! Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Released!


What happens when Ken Block is given an 845-horsepower Mustang and the streets of Los Angeles as his playground? Complete Madness. That’s what happens. And Gymkhana 7 is that madness brought to life on film.

Ken Block Gymkhana Seven - Automobilians (1)
This Mustang is the First Car to do all 4 Wheel Burnout

The whole thing starts off pretty subtly with a four-wheel drive, smoke-inducing, tire-destroying burnout in his monster Mustang. And then it continues on with drifting around food carts, donuts shop, and even under a low-rider car, onto the LA freeway and then it goes on the top!! To the Hollywood.

I won’t spoil it for you, though. Just hit the video below and watch it for yourself.

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