Maruti Grand Vitara with Aftermarket Multispoke Alloy Wheels


Maruti has brought in the Grand Vitara in a bid to capitalise on the growth in the mid-size SUV segment.

This has to be India’s first Maruti Grand Vitara with chunky aftermarket alloy wheels. The mid-size SUV segment is growing at a rapid pace with products like the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. Other carmakers have their respective products in this segment but Maruti was the only major player missing. Finally, with the Grand Vitara (co-developed by Toyota), people now have the option to go for a Maruti Suzuki product in the segment. In fact, owners are beginning to take it to the aftermarket for some custom modifications.

Maruti Grand Vitara with Aftermarket Alloy Wheels

This modification has been done by ravityres_amritsar on Instagram and shared on their Instagram handle. The image captures a brand-new Grand Vitara which is confirmed by the A/F lettering on the number plate. The talking point of this SUV is its silver/white multi-spoke alloys that are lending a sporty and imposing road presence. They look a bit larger than the stock 17-inchers. But there is no mention of the exact tyre size from the modifier.

Also, these new tyres look a bit wider which is a common practice when people opt for aftermarket alloy wheels. The broad tyres mean that the sidewall is bound to be a bit thin. This increases traction as a wider surface is exposed to the road surface. However, the compromise comes in the form of slightly degraded ride quality. Since there is less rubber in the sidewall, the cushioning effect is reduced leading to the potholes and bumps entering the cabin more frequently. Nevertheless, this is a trade-off one has to make in favour of enhanced aesthetics.


The Grand Vitara comes powered by two petrol hybrid powertrains – a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder mild hybrid with AWD option and a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder strong hybrid with an AC synchronous electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery pack. The former outputs 103 hp and 136 Nm, while the latter is good for 116 hp and 141 Nm of peak power and torque. There are options of a 5-speed MT and a 6-speed AT with the mild hybrid, while the strong hybrid comes with the sole e-CVT automatic transmission. The mileage in the strong hybrid version is a whopping 27.97 km/l (ARAI). The prices of the Maruti Grand Vitara range from Rs 10.45 lakh to Rs 19.49 lakh, ex-showroom.