Classic Mercedes W123 Converted to EV


There are many companies emerging in the retrofitting EV kits space that are capable of converting regular vehicles into EVs.

A classic Mercedes W123 was converted to an EV in New Delhi. This is the 1983 model that has been repainted and slapped on with an electric conversion kit. This phenomenon is quite prevalent with two-wheelers where it is easier to replace the parts. However, many players are performing this conversion on the regular cars as well. This is exactly what this car customisation house in New Delhi has been able to achieve.

Mercedes W123 Converted To EV

You must be aware of the scrappage rule in the capital where diesel cars older than 10 years are not allowed to ply on the roads anymore. This Mercedes has certainly run its course as far as its lifecycle is concerned. However, the owner decided to convert it into an EV after which it can legally run on the road again. That is when the creative team at Sultanpur Customs took on the challenge of converting a Classic Car into an EV to prolong its life. The details about the custom kit and electric motor are not available but the condition of the Merc looks superb.

This could be a great way to make people transition to EVs until the prices of the new electric cars become more affordable. With most carmakers now entering the electric mobility space, the prices are bound to come down. However, it would take years before it becomes common. Until then, the prices of fuel are rising constantly creating issues for regular car owners. People are beginning to look for alternatives already. CNG is a great option at the moment but the infrastructure around that is only available in metro cities.

For everyone else, such aftermarket kits could be the perfect solution. However, the government authorities must standardise this sector so that the safety of the people is not compromised and the new companies in the space come up with legal and quality products. This will ensure that a certain standard is maintained across the industry and people can be certain that they are not buying anything unreliable.