2016 Mercedes Benz – AMG GT’s First Look


Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

According to our sources in Germany, the most accurate rendering thus far of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz GT AMG—a two-door sports car is derived from the SLS AMG. Mercedes’ skunk works team in Affalterbach have the other half of Stuttgart firmly in their sights as the GT AMG — will be a direct competitor to the Porsche 911. (In fact, one might argue those inside AMG are infatuated with the 911 based on the GT’s shape.) The GT will carry over many structural components from the SLS, but it will lose that car’s trademark gullwing doors.

Appearance-wise, not only will the GT borrow from the SLS, but it will take cues from the latest trends in Mercedes design language. The grille, the vents, and the overall shape are reminiscent of the SLS’ s; the lower air intakes are shaped much like those fitted to the E63 AMG; and the LED light signature and character lines on the door panels share a familial resemblance to what’s been pioneered by the S-Class.

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014 Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

The GT will be more compact than the SLS, with a greater emphasis being placed on daily drivability. Much like the 911 has slowly but surely evolved into a grand tourer, AMG’s new sports car will yield a more comfortable experience than that of its big brother.

Because of its ostentatious styling and price point, the SLS speaks to a very small audience. AMG will be more conservative with both aspects to ensure that its next halo car furthers the brand’s mission to create a younger and more aggressive image—and, in turn, attracting younger and more-aggressive shoppers.

The GT AMG, internally referred to as C190, will be built on a front-mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform that is derived from the underpinnings of the SLS. AMG will use a significant amount of high-strength steel and aluminum to reach the GT’s target weight of around 3300 pounds.

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

In an effort to increase efficiency, Mercedes will fit the GT with AMG’s new 4.0 liter twin turbo V-8, which will produce roughly 500 horsepower. It’s possible a detuned model could be offered as an entry-level option, and Mercedes giving the GT the Black Series treatment and 600 horses is more likely than not. The GT AMG will be fitted with a seven-speed automatic.

The 2016 MB – AMG GT will compete against  Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi R8, Jaguar F-type, Maserati GranTurismo, Porsche 911.

The Mercedes-Benz GT AMG likely will bow next fall, arriving on showroom floors in 2015 as a 2016 model. Pricing will start at around $120,000 (Rs. 72,97,200).

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014