India’s First Active Liquid-cooled Electric Two-wheeler Battery Pack


Gujarat-based technology startup Matter has unveiled India’s first active liquid-cooled battery pack for electric two-wheelers, called the Matter Energy 1.0. The company says it’s a high-voltage, high-performance battery pack designed for performance electric two-wheelers. More importantly, Matter will be using this battery pack to power its upcoming electric two-wheeler slated for launch this year.

The battery pack is IP-67 rated and comes with a casing that’s claimed to be made from “lightweight metal which is also thermally conductive when compared to other materials”. It also has a smart battery management system for optimum performance. The battery pack and the BMS have been developed keeping the Indian environment and usage in mind. Not many technical details about the battery pack have been shared, but we’ve reached out to the company for clarification, and shall update the story as and when we hear from them.

Battery pack is the most volatile component of an EV because of its high energy density. Usually, battery packs in electric two-wheelers are air-cooled as they are easy to manufacture and the form factor is compact enough to be used in a light two-wheeler. However, the flip side is that without active cooling, the batteries tend to heat up when used in hot climatic conditions. This, coupled with bad quality BMS, often results in batteries catching fire. Poorly designed batteries are more prone to severe fire/explosion risk as the failure of one cell results in a cascading effect, leading to an uncontrolled chain reaction.

Such risks can be minimized using an active liquid-cooled battery pack which has a coolant running around the pack. This way, the battery pack remains cool irrespective of the ambient temperature. However, on the flip side, liquid-cooled batteries are usually heavy and cumbersome.

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Summing up, Matter’s liquid-cooled battery pack is just the right kind of innovation that’s needed amidst the current scenario, where there are rampant instances of battery packs catching fire. Expect Matter to reveal more details about its upcoming electric two-wheeler in the coming months.