Do we need Celebrities to Sell Automobiles?


In today’s world, marketing a product is extremely essential considering the tough competition in the market. However, the masses are becoming much smarter and alert. It isn’t easy to fool people by making celebrities endorse a product. An advertisement with cars’ features should be enough for people to understand about the product. Vehicles which are a hit among the common masses, such as Maruti Suzuki, and bikes such as the Bajaj Pulsars, KTMs, or even lower end bikes such as Hero Splendor and Passion never needed celebrities for marketing because of their appeal factor to the common masses. Also, most of the celebrities don’t even use the products they endorse,  then what is the point in endorsing them? We have several such examples. Bollywood’s heartthrob John Abraham endorses the Yamaha FZ, while he himself owns high end sport bikes like the Yamaha R1 and V – MAX 1700. MS Dhoni, captain of the Indian cricket team, along with fellow team mates endorse the TVS Star City which they would never buy or use. . Bollywood celebrities such as Ranbir Kapoor (Nissan Micra) and Shah Rukh Khan (i10/i20) are also in the same league. Instead of wasting crores of rupees on these celebrities for marketing, companies might as well save that cost and in turn reduce the selling price of the cars or bikes.

Reviews of satisfied (and unsatisfied customers) would do a better job. There are many TV shows which give in detail reviews about automobiles, and answer questions and queries as well excellently. Such shows must be highlighted more, and celebrities endorsing automobiles is a big no.