Yamaha’s electric motocross bike in the works!


Yamaha has recently filed a patent for an electric motocross bike, hinting at its potential entry into competitive events in the near future. Drawing from its experience with the TY-E trials electric bike, which has already made strides in competitions, Yamaha is leveraging its insights to develop the upcoming motocross machine.

One of the key takeaways from the TY-E trials electric bike project was the recognition that the direct connection between the motor and the rear wheel lacked the necessary drive. To address this, Yamaha incorporated a flywheel and a conventional clutch into the system during testing. This adjustment proved beneficial, offering riders improved low-speed balance and instant propulsion upon clutch engagement.

However, the same approach may not suffice for a motocross bike due to its larger size and heavier weight. In such scenarios, instant torque and precise throttle response are essential. To meet these demands, Yamaha appears to have introduced a torsion damper into the transmission system.

Comprising two spring-connected rotors positioned between the electric motor and the transmission, the torsion damper serves to mitigate speed differentials between the motor and the rear wheel. These rotors act as buffers, ensuring smooth acceleration transitions even under aggressive throttle inputs, thanks to the energy stored in the springs.

While the patent primarily focuses on the propulsion system, it is anticipated that Yamaha’s electric motocross bike will adopt the same carbon fiber monocoque chassis as the trials bike to accommodate the battery. Although Yamaha has not provided a definitive timeline for the unveiling of the electric motocross prototype, enthusiasts can expect potential glimpses of the project in the coming months.