Soon you will Require a Proof of Parking to Buy a Car


Soon no parking space will mean no car registration for you as the Indian government looks at preventing public and unauthorised parking of vehicles to curb congestion.

image01_bigTake a stroll along the roads of Mumbai in the wee hours of Mumbai and you will see big cars hiding under a silver cover on the streets. Yes, that’s right, people have the money to buy luxury cars in the financial capital of India but can’t get hold of a parking spot due to the limited availability of space. The streets are for walking and not parking and to ensure new car buyers don’t take to the streets to park their prized possession, the Indian government has put a new provision in the ‘Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014′ under which it will be compulsory for a buyer to have parking space before purchasing the vehicle.

One can lease or buy parking space but without the same, your new car won’t be registered as the proof of parking will be needed by the local transport body. Currently most car buyers in India have the ‘chalta hai attitude’, parking their vehicle wherever they find space which also results in causing inconvenience to others. While the government is very bullish on this idea, car makers haven’t taken to it well, calling it impractical. Sales of new cars have been declining in India and this bill might further amplify the blow.


While India is an innovative country, the government resorts to borrowing ideas from other counties as evident by the proof of parking bill which is already in enforcement in Singapore. Soon, the Philippines will adopt this law as well. The only worry is about corruption as the Indian RTO system is known to be the most corrupt public body. If people fake parking spaces or temporary take on rent, then the purpose of this bill won’t be served. Do you think this move is a good one from the centre?