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We are a part of the formula student family in India. We aim in achieving a point of excellence in Engineering design, manufacturing and post production processes as those used in industries for growth of a formula student team. Every individual in the team is given opportunity to develop themselves and also increase the scope of their knowledge with hands-on experience on the car.


Our team comprises of 22 members all having a specialized department of work/specific field. All the team members are automobile enthusiasts who want to contribute in the motorsport industry after graduation. We build a formula student vehicle for the various Formula student competitions held using actual industrial practices on smaller scale and less quantity. Team work plays a very important role in achieving our goals for which we have divided our team into different departments to increase team’s productivity by giving responsibilities on young shoulders.

Departments: Design, Suspension, Engine & drivetrain, Steering, Brakes & Tires, Electricals, Sponsorship and marketing department.



(Team revolution members at the SUPRA SAE INDIA 2016, Buddh international Circuit)

We learn many new things while working for the formula student vehicle for competitions. We learn how to work in a team, how to get our work done. The Formula student competitions also give a lift force required to nurture self confidence, self respect, decision making skills, work under deadlines, how to handle work pressure. The students in the formula student racing team have a prior experience and a skill set which is widely needed for industries.

(Formula Student Vehicle, Team revolution 2016)

Formula Student Vehicle:

   Overall Dimensions  
Width 60’’
Length 106’’
Track width:  Front: 49.02’’              Rear: 47.2’’
Wheel Base 63’’
Ground Clearance 3’’

The Formula Student vehicle made by Team revolution this year is been powered by 390cc ktm duke engine which churns out 43 Bhp, 6 Speed manual transmission and delivers a good initial start with a max speed of 130kmph.The specifications of the car :

Overall Performance of Vehicle  
Max. Speed                        130kmph
Max.Acceleration               2.7m/s^2
Steering Ratio                    6:1
Stopping Distance             2.56m(@40kmph)

Wheels – Front & Rear – 165/60/R12 Weight – Kerb Weight – 210 Kg

The overall designing is been done in solid works and the analysis of the various forces acting on the members of the vehicle chassis is been done using Ansys and Hyper works. The kerb weight of the vehicle is 280 kg. The overall project cost is around Rs. 7.9 lacs.

As it was our first time we had our focus on reliability of the vehicle as it is an important factor in determining the build quality of the car. We also tried to keep our aesthetics up to the mark as it attracts attention of the people around and also play an important role in changing ones opinion about the vehicle.

Every season we try and improve our car according to aesthetics, performance and weight reduction parameters. We use new technologies that are available in our sources and imply it in our car according to the given rules. Now we are trying to make some innovations that will be helpful for our vehicle with respect to the overall performance and safety.



Participation and Achievements:

  1. Participated in SUPRA SAE INDIA 2016 organized by SAE INDIA in the month of July 2016 at BUDDH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, Noida, India.
  2. Being participating for the first time in student formula competition, team has managed to successfully been ranked 45th in overall India rankings.
  3. The Team will also be representing D.Y. Patil School of Engineering, Ambi, Pune and participating in the FORMULA BHARAT (Student formula competition) at the KARI MOTOR SPEEDWAY,Coimbtore, India in the month of January 2017.
  4. The team has managed to have Motul India, Bybre, Ador Welding, IDBI Bank as its proud sponsors among the many who have helped us with the project.
  5. The Team also participates in student Go-kart championships under Team IGNITOR RACING.



The Team had its debut participating in the student Go-kart championship held in Hyderabad in October 2016 and has shine out with flying colors. The go kart is been powered with 135cc Hero Honda Ambition engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. The kart has a sequential gear system designed which enabled the driver to control the vehicle on turns and maintain the acceleration of the vehicle as compared to commonly used CVT go-karts.

The overall weight of the vehicle is 115kg. It has been Designed and manufactured in the college workshop and has been tested on an endurance track. The go-kart is able to achieve a max speed of 60-70 kmph and is able to cover a distance of 1km in 60-65 secs. Centre disc brake is been used on the rear driving shaft which enhance the braking action.

Participation and achievements:

  1. Participated in Student Karting Championship in the month of October 206 at Hyderabad.
  2. Has secured overall 7th rank in the competition in India and 4Th in the endurance race.
  3. Has participated in Pune Auto Expo 2016.
  4. Has received recognitions and been featured in Pune Mirror and Sakal
  5. Will be participating in Go- Kart competition in pune later in the month of July, 2017.



(Team IGNITOR RACING Featured in Sakal and Pune mirror newspaper)



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