Harley Davidson 350cc, 500cc Royal Enfield


The first photos of the Harley Davidson X350 and X500 have been leaked online. The 350cc and 500cc bikes will compete with Royal Enfield rivals in India.

Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycle brands around the world. It is known for stylish cruiser bikes with a roaring V-twin engine. However, these bikes carry a huge price tag and are accessible to a small population only. The budget segment is still dominated by the likes of Royal Enfield in India. Now the American brand is planning to introduce two new bikes (X350 and X00) in the coming year. The first photos of the Harley-Davidson 350cc and 500cc models that will rival Royal Enfield in India have leaked online. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Entry-Level Harley Davidson to rival Royal Enfield

Harley Davidson is all set to launch Royal Enfield rivals in India. The company will offer 350cc and 500cc motorcycles at competitive price points. It is working on the new Harley-Davidson X350 and X500. The new models will be aimed at developing countries like India. With the X350 and X500, Harley-Davidson hopes to accomplish its dream of successful budget motorcycles. It is sourcing motorcycles from QJ Motor (parent to Keeway and Benelli brands). While the new motorcycles are still in the works (codenamed HD350 and HD500), the first images of these motorcycles have now leaked online.

Harley-Davidson has been adding new models in varied segments. However, the company’s portfolio is quite weak when it comes to budget and affordable motorcycles. While the Street 750 and Street Rod 750 are pretty good bikes, the sale numbers are still low. Currently, the Royal Enfield RE 650 is one of the most popular bikes across India and beyond. It complements good quality with aggressive pricing. With a good price tag, the new Harley Davidson 500cc motorcycle might also produce a similar buzz.


As per leaked images, the Harley Davidson X350 looks a lot like the 338R concept design (shown in 2019 with Benelli 302S’ 338cc engine). However, it will be powered by a new 353cc version engine that offers 36 bhp of power. The frame of the X350 looks similar to the QJ SRK350 sold overseas. Unlike SRK350 (176 kg), it only weighs when 195 kg. Additionally, the upcoming bike will sport USD forks at the front, petal disc brakes, and an alloy wheel design. The Harley Davidson X350 is expected to be launched in India next year to rival the Royal Enfield Hunter 350.