Fiat Organizes Nationwide Loyalty Camp For Its Customers


Fiat India has organized a nationwide loyalty camp for all its customers at exclusive Fiat dealerships from March 9th – 12th.  The company is offering discounts up to 15% on spare parts and 10% on labour along with free car check-up and free car top wash.

2015-Fiat-Avventura-Design-Interior-Offroad-Test-Drive-Review (3)

This four day long activation is mainly focusing on long-standing Fiat customers. Fiat loyalty camp will aim to reach out to a wide base of customers located across India in these 4 days.

The promotions of this camp have already started on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the customers will be contacted by the dealerships via a text message and an email.

Fiat customers out there, do get benefits out of this event.