Confirmed! Bajaj CNG bike launch in June


Bajaj’s development of a CNG-powered motorcycle has been in the public eye for some time now, particularly after sightings of test bikes became common. While speculation swirled around its potential launch this year, Rajiv Bajaj has now confirmed that it will hit the market in June.

Expected to be named the Bruzer, Bajaj’s CNG bike marks the company’s inaugural foray into this fuel type for motorcycles. From the glimpses of test models, it appears Bajaj has ingeniously integrated a CNG tank, reminiscent of adventure bikes with enlarged petrol tanks. Anticipation is high for its final design at launch, especially given its wheel size, disc brake, and rider ergonomics, suggesting a focus on the commuter segment, likely in the 100-160cc range.

Test bikes reveal modern features like LED lighting and possibly a digital instrument cluster, indicative of contemporary trends. Hardware-wise, expect a telescopic fork and monoshock suspension, along with 17-inch alloy wheels. Braking capabilities include a front disc brake and rear drum brake.

The Bajaj CNG bike aims to attract budget-conscious buyers seeking efficient long-distance commuting solutions amidst soaring petrol prices. Its fuel efficiency remains a point of intrigue, promising an interesting prospect for environmentally conscious riders navigating urban landscapes.