Bengaluru Red Lights Replaced With Heart Symbols


To spread awareness about heart health issues, selected traffic signals in Bangalore will display hearts instead of Red lights.

Bengaluru is known for tech companies and heavy traffic. This makes the traffic signals a great space for advertisements. Now, the city is using Red lights to spread awareness about the health issues related to the heart. Several traffic lights now turn into the shape of a heart. This new initiative is part of a campaign on World Heart Day. The aim to install ‘heart’ lights is to turn the tech city to turn into a ‘heart smart city’. The new heart-shaped red lights will be seen in Bengaluru between 15-25th October.

A total of 20 traffic signals in Bengaluru are being used in the new campaign on World Heart Day. Instead of the usual Red circle, the new Red signal is in the shape of a heart. It also includes audio messages spreading awareness on heart health. There are also QR codes near traffic signals that offer access to emergency services (circumventing the need to dial a number). The QR codes have been set up by Manipal Hospitals. When scanned, they connect you to an emergency number for ambulance services at a single click.

World Heart Day (September 29) is celebrated annually to spread awareness about the importance of heart health. This year’s theme is ‘Use Heart For Every Beat’. The new heart-shaped red lights have been installed by Manipal Hospitals. This has been done in partnership with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bengaluru Traffic Police. “Joined hands with Manipal hospitals to create awareness about heart health issues using traffic signals. Banners & pamphlets are to be used as well. 20 junctions selected to display hearts between 15-25th,” said Jt CP Traffic R Gowda.