Anand Mahindra Reacts on India’s Longest Loaded Train


Anand Mahindra has reacted to the video of India’s longest train via his Twitter handle. He is one of the most followed Indian entrepreneurs on Twitter with over 9 million followers. He regularly keeps updating his audience about his opinions on various aspects. His witty and humorous tweets go viral quite frequently. There are a lot of people who applaud him for his numerous philanthropic endeavours. He has the trait of staying updated with all the latest happenings from around the globe.

Anand Mahindra Reacts To India’s Longest Loaded Train

His Twitter post read, “Amazing. Like India’s growth story. Never-ending…” He shared the post where the video of India’s longest train is seen crossing from a platform. The train has a whopping 295 wagons attached to 6 locos. The gross weight is a jaw-dropping 25,962 tonnes and is 3.5 km in length. This reflects the kind of materials being transported to and from various parts of the country. There are no details of what it is carrying. Nevertheless, Anand Mahindra relates this to India’s growth story and wishes it to be never-ending highlighting his aspirations for the country.

In a lot of earlier comments, he is often seen doing a ton of generous and benevolent work for the community. Apart from that, he keeps a keen eye on the people who come up with unique solutions to grave issues in the field of mobility and daily life. There have been instances where he has gotten such people in touch with his engineering team to give them inspiration. In other cases, he has offered vehicles to people who are in some way deserving. In the latest incident, he offered the Scorpio N at introductory prices for all those who couldn’t book it due to a glitch on the website.

Ananda Mahindra’s Reaction to India’s Longest Loaded Train

All these acts show the people his generous and inspiring side. This leads to people believing in him and supporting him. Mahindra has recently showcased its upcoming EVs as a part of future mobility. Its Scorpio, XUV700 and Thar still have a ton of waiting periods indicating their popularity and demand. Now, we shall wait for the upcoming XUV400 which will be the electrified version of the existing XUV300 in our market.