2 Maruti Cars Used to Heat 5000-Litre Water

  • Mr Indian Hacker conducts weird experiments on a regular basis.
  • This time around, he uses 2 Maruti 800 cars to make a water heater.
  • Finally, the team uses it to heat 5,000 litres of water.

In this latest video by Mr Indian Hacker, 2 Maruti cars are used to make a water heater. The YouTuber is among the biggest in India with over 29 million subscribers. He conducts exciting experiments for educational and entertainment purposes. Most of these experiments involve cars and bikes in some form. This time around, he devises a unique way to create a water heater using two cars that are joined together. Let us take a look at the details of this weird trial.

Maruti Cars Converted into a Water Heater

First of all, the team brings out a special vehicle that they created for their other experiment in the past. It consists of 2 Maruti 800 cars (old model) joined together in such a way that the final product has two steering wheels, and two engines along with all the other components that are needed to move a car. Essentially, this is a 4×4 configuration that is made possible by joining the front ends of the two cars. They take out the radiators from each of them.

In order to complete the cycle to cool the engine, they use a large pool of water. For those who don’t know how a radiator works, the coolant flows on the external surface of the engine which leads to heat dissipation via the medium of water (fluid). In the case of the video, the coolant has been replaced by the water. Two pipes (inlet and outlet) are connected to the water. After completing the cycle, the cool water flows through the engine and the hot water comes out. The team kept the engines of the cars ON throughout the night. In the morning, around 5,000 litres of water was heated.